Using cPanel

cPanel is a web-based control panel used to manage virtually every aspect of your hosting account with Birdhouse. To access your cPanel, just type "cpanel" on the end of your domain name -- e.g. . Log in with the master username and password associated with your account, not an email address.

Once logged in, you can use cPanel to:

  • Set or change the master account password
  • Manage email accounts (add, remove, change passwords)
  • Set up auto-responders, forwarders, mail filters, mailing lists
  • Configure spam filters
  • Create and manage MySQL databases
  • Create and manage FTP accounts
  • View web traffic statistics and monitor bandwidth / disk usage
  • Protect web directories (.htaccess editor)
  • Configure http redirects and custom error pages
  • Manage files without FTP
  • Add/remove subdomains and additional (add-on) domains
  • Manage cron jobs
  • Install a blog, photo gallery, shopping cart, bulletin board, weblog, wiki, mail form, etc.
  • And much more...

Most cPanel functions are fairly intuitive, and there is some documentation built into cPanel itself. However, we've provided more detailed instructions for cPanel configuration options throughout these FAQs.

Complete cPanel documentation is available from (or you can download complete cPanel docs in PDF format).

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